Live Party Entertainment by Jayondrums

“A unique, dynamic and exciting wedding entertainment concept that brings
the music your DJ is playing to life enhancing the atmosphere creating
that ‘live band’ feeling that can be enjoyed by everyone of all ages”

London, Essex, Herts Kent, UK & Worldwide
Creating positive vibrations of love & happiness since 1994

Only ever positive feedback from all party clients

Packages to suit all your requirements & budgets

Are you having a party?
Are you arranging the entertainment?
Are you looking for something different, dynamic, unique?

Jayondrums is professional ‘party’ percussionist who has a ‘live show’ act that is perfect for creating and enhancing the atmosphere that is great for everyone of all ages.

An amazing show consisting of Bongos, Congas, Cowbells, Jam-Blocks, Tambourines, Shakers, Chimes & Cymbals + more

As the DJ plays all your favourite music that we all love to dance to, it will be totally transformed into a ‘live performance’ bespoke just for you & your guests.

A wonderful visual experience with additional led light shows available, incredible sound with full amplification and over 20 years of experience helping to create the best memories possible.

It doesn’t matter what the occasion, whether you are celebrating a birthday, an engagement, a wedding or organising a special event to celebrate your business.

Booking Jayondrums is a great way to make your life’s celebrations a success!

Have you booked your DJ yet? Don’t worry, Jayondrums works with the best in the business and can offer you advice and a variety of packages to suit your needs.

Make contact today for a personal consultation and to check availability.

“Dance to the Beat of the Drum! The Beat is the Rhythm of Love, Life & Happiness”

Party Entertainment Options Include:

Live Percussion to accompany your DJ

Jayondrums works with and alongside your DJ.
Starting with Pre-party preparations to plan set-up space, presentation & sound-check logistics.
Arriving before your party starts to set up then performing dynamic sets to ensure the right energy & atmosphere is manifest for you, your family & friends in every moment possible.
“Guaranteed to get the party on the dance floor!”

Party Options & Addons

LITE: Drum Rack + Bongos, Jam Blocks, Cowbells, Tambourines, Shakers, Chimes & Cymbals
FULL: Three Congas & Stands, Drum Rack + Bongos, Jam Blocks, Cowbells, tambourines, Shakers, Chimes & Cymbals
LED LIGHTS: Available on LITE, FULL & WALKABOUT (Bongos only at this time)
WALKABOUT DRUMS: Bongos, Snare Drum &/or Djembe
WIRELESS MIC: Clip on Microphone for Walkabout Drums
AMPLIFICATION: Mixing Desk, Microphone Holders & Stands, Microphones, Cables & Stage Monitor

Looking for a DJ and party ideas?

It is important to book the right entertainment to ensure your party is a success.
Jayondrums can offer you the best professional DJ’s and musicians to suit your budget, sound great and work seamlessly with each other.
“Jayondrums works alongside the best DJ’s & Entertainers in the business every weekend all year round”
Contact today for more information!

Party Testimonial

Thank you so much for your enormous contribution to the dance scene at the Eagle Ski Club in Gstaad.  You and Sam were brilliant together and the partygoers couldn’t get enough!

Party Testimonial

Thank you as well. You were a fantastic addition to the DJ set and made the closing party have such a great energy.

Party Testimonial

WOW, another spectacular input from you.  Thank you.  You add so much to a party and are a pleasure to have around.  Your energy is infectious.

Party Testimonial

You were, without a shadow of a doubt, the stars of the night – the crowning glory. Your energy, charisma and Brilliant music are a force to be reckoned with. It was fabulous to see all the GM’s, normally so stiff, hitting it hard on the dancefloor and that was down to you guys. Thank you, thank you for agreeing to come out.

A Professional Party Percussion Set-up


Find out more about Jayondrums wedding services and options available to you to ensure a truly unique experience...


Information about our unique party package to add that extra dimension.


More information to follow, for the time being please get in touch!


More information to follow, for the time being please get in touch!

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